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Welcome to Karaway

We’re a family-run, award-winning bakery that specialises in rye bread. Our origins are in the Baltics and Russia, where rye bread is a staple, and with over 150 years of combined baking experience, we know rye like no other. Our recipes have been handed down from generation to generation and we only use natural, high-quality ingredients and traditional long fermentation methods that take time and care. The result is bread that is not only healthy, but also incredibly delicious.

In fact, we are proud to have won more stars for our rye bread at the Great Taste Awards in the last 9 years put together than any other UK bakery. You have not tried rye, until you have tried ours!

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Nadia Gencas, Karaway founder

Why rye?

Rye bread in the UK suffers from a reputation of being the stodgier, more sour cousin of wheat. A healthier option, but not necessarily a tastier one. 

However, this is not true. At least, it is not true of the rye bread baked in the Baltic countries. Following the rich baking traditions from this region, our rye bread has a pleasant, mellow sweet-sour profile and a texture that just melts in your mouth - a pure indulgence! Each type of loaf has its own sourdough starter and goes through a 3-4 stage natural fermentation process, taking up to 48 hours to mature. From simple light rye sourdoughs made with just flour, water and salt to rich seed-, grain- and fruit-packed dark ryes – there’s something for everyone!

And if it’s not only flavour you’re after, there are health benefits associated with having rye in your diet too. Higher in fibre and lower in gluten than wheat, rye can be easier on digestion, keep you full for longer and reduce spikes in blood sugar levels. A good carb indeed.

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Our locations

You can find us across several locations in London, including Borough Market, Westfield Stratford and London Farmers Markets.


In praise of our baking...

“The presence of coriander seeds adds a wonderful texture and flavour profile. The bread has a slight sweetness to it and would go perfectly with salty butter. For a rye loaf, it’s not too dense and still feels light and airy. A wonderful loaf of bread”


Judge's comment on our Borodinsky Bread,

Great Taste Awards 2020


“The best rye bread in the world! So happy that I found you..”


Egle, customer, Google review


“She said, "Try the Lithuanian bread, it's the best," and she was right. Sweet dreams are made of this!”


Jeff, customer, Google review


“I got your bread via Ocado and am hooked. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day because of your bread. I hope I don't sound barmy, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you all do.”


Alison, customer, email review