For us, rye is more than just the preferred type of bread – it is part of our culture and identity. It is the main staple of life, the “daily bread”, a welcome to greet a friend or a guest, a rite of passage. It is treated with utmost respect and it is considered a sin to throw bread away.


We believe bread is not only a base for a sandwich, but a vital part of a meal.  It can be had with almost any dish at any time of the day – with eggs for breakfast, soup or salad for lunch or even meat and potatoes for dinner.

How we bake

Our breads are all handmade using traditional methods that take time and care. Some of our breads mature for as long as 48 hours.

We use 3 – 4-stage natural fermentation processes and each bread has its own sour starter or mother dough which makes each bread unique in its character and flavour. With some of our breads, we also use a unique pre-fermentation method called scalding, during which the gluten starts to break down and the natural sugars present in flour start to develop. This makes the bread softer, moister and somewhat sweeter in flavour and easier to digest. And as scalding keeps the moisture in, the bread also stays fresh for longer.

Learn more about rye bread, including its health benefits, here.

We’re a family-run, award-winning bakery that specialises in rye bread. Our origins are in the Baltics and Russia, where rye bread is a staple food, and with over 150 years of combined baking experience we know rye like no other.

Our recipes have been handed down from generation to generation and we only use natural, high quality ingredients and traditional long fermentation methods. The result is rye bread that is not only healthy, but also incredibly delicious.


In fact, we have won more stars for our rye bread at the Great Taste Awards in the last 5 years put together than any other UK bakery. You have not tried rye, until you have tried ours!

Welcome to Karaway

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