A Festive Feast

We are excited to have just launched our Luxury Christmas Bundle! A real seasonal treat, it features our award-winning festive bakes that are sure to please your loved ones. They partner exceptionally well with classical seasonal flavour – here are some serving suggestions.

Karaway Christmas Menu

Lithuanian Scalded Rye + Smoked Salmon

The loaf has a mellow flavour and an earthy tang from the caraway seeds, making it an ideal partner for smoked fish. We recommend Oat & Smoke from Borough Market who smoke their salmon with cut-offs from their whisky and calvados barrels for a deeper flavour.

Fruity Rye + Creamy White Cheese Our Fruity Rye is a beautiful festive loaf, packed with succulent fruits - prunes, dried apricots and raising. It has a well-balanced sweet and sour flavour and a gentle addition of caraway seeds which partner wonderfully with a pungent soft cheese, such as the creamy CavanBert sold by Heritage Cheese at Borough Market.

100% Rye Sourdough + Mature Hard Cheddar + Onion Marmalade

The dark, rich & sticky sourdough is great for thinly sliced canapes, topped with a mature hard cheese and a dollop of rich onion chutney. We love the full-bodied Red Onion & Port Marmalade by Rosebud Preserves (also found at Borough Market) as a partner.

Christmas Spiced Biscuits

A festive duo of our spiced Ginger Thins and Mince Rolls work well on their own as a treat or a sweet accompaniment to a cheese board.

Seeded Rye Crackers

A delicate cracker, generously topped with seeds and with a hint of sweetness works wonderfully with a blue cheese such as the Shropshire Blue by Heritage Cheese.