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Dreamy Caramelised Rye Ice Cream

Recipe by Rosehip + Rye

A brilliant way to use up your leftover rye bread!

This is an unusual ice-cream, very creamy and not very sweet, made with condensed milk, so it requires no cooking (which would be the case with a traditional, custard-base, ice-cream). In texture it reminds us of the Indian kulfi ice-cream actually, which is also made with condensed milk.

We call it ‘Baltic’ because the original recipe came from our friend and a wonderful Estonian food writer Pille Petersoo. Something very Baltic about the use of rye bread in everything!

If you like the sound of it but are strapped for time, you can also order it directly from

Makes 1 litre (serves 6-8)

You will need:

Apprx 100 gr of rye bread: Lithuanian Scalded Rye works really well here or Fruity Rye, basically any rye bread which has some sweetness in it. This can be stale bread, but even a fresh loaf will work. It’ll just take longer to caramelise.

2 Tbsp of sugar (brown sugar is particularly nice here)

25 gr or so of unsalted butter

600 ml of whipping cream

400 ml (1 can) of condensed milk


To make the bread crumb:

1. Tear the slices of bread roughly and whizz them in a mixer until you have breadcrumbs. They’ll be fairly large. You can also grate the bread!

2. On a shallow frying pan melt some butter, add the bread and shallow fry it so that it soaks up some butter and starts to dry up.

3. After a couple of minutes add the sugar and keep stirring, so that the sugar melts and the crumbs start to caramelise.

4. You may need to add more butter, but be careful not to burn the bread, as it can happen quite easily with the sugar.

5. Transfer on a flat plate or board and let the mixture cool.

To make the ice-cream:

1. In a large bowl whip the cream until soft peaks form.

2. Pour in the condensed milk and whisk for another minute or two, until everything is thoroughly combined. Don’t whisk too long as you want to keep the volume and lightness of the mixture.

3. Fold in the caramelised rye bread mixture, but keep a couple of tablespoons behind to sprinkle on top. Mix very gently.

4. Pour into containers (1 larger or 6-8 smaller 150 ml tubs), sprinkle the remaining rye mixture on top and place into a freezer for at least 4 hours.

5. To enjoy take out of the freezer 10-15 minutes before eating.

6. The ice-cream will easily keep in the freezer for at least 3 months.

Tip: we really love eating this ice-cream with berries or …. pastries! Like these cardamom and walnut Baddam Buri.


About Rosehip + Rye

Rosehip + Rye specialise in the flavours from the 'New East': from Estonia and Russia to Georgia and beyond. From their kitchen in Bermondsey, they cook freshly-prepared food and deliver across London once a week. This tiny company is run by Katya and Karina (who are from Tallinn and Moscow resp) was born out of the small ambition to revolutionise the image of Eastern-European food in the UK.

Chic, natural and seasonal. "Food never feeds the belly alone" the girls always say. Now they want Londoners to (re!)discover the exciting yet comforting food of our homelands.

Discover the flavours of the 'New East' (and there is really a lot to discover) at their online shop or follow these wonderful ladies on Instagram and Facebook.


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