Rye Your Way

We’ve seen some pretty exciting serving ideas using our rye bread, demonstrating how versatile rye bread can be. From mouth-watering open sandwiches to using rye’s crust as a bowl for serving soup - here are some of our top picks!

@teamsutherlandsmith have taken the standard peanut butter sandwich to the next level using our Village rye spread with roasted hazelnut butter and topped with crushed raspberries and fresh mint leaves....

Our Rye Fries are not only the best snacks in the world, they also make for amazing croutons. Here served as part of a summer salad with smoked mackerel, cucumber, baby gem and dill yoghurt dressing by @ourmodernkitchen.

In the Baltic countries rye is a favourite as a side to a chunky soup - @foodmilija served our caraway-flavoured Lithuanian Scalded Rye next to a tomatoey bean soup 👌

There are some pretty exciting brunch toasts out there, but @thelocals_cafe’s tops them all. Folded eggs with tomatoes, fresh chilli and feta cheese on our toasted 100% seeded rye sourdough 😍

A classic yet irresistible combination by @agas_little_deli of smoked salmon (@three_counties_field_kitchen) on top of our seeded 100% rye sourdough, with a squeeze of lime juice and a generous sprinkle of spring onion… simple, delicious & nourishing.

Another creation by @foodmilija using our pumpernickel rye to serve a hearty creamed mushroom soup 🤤

@snapsandrye made this mouth-watering open sandwich featuring our sunflower seed rye bread, eggs and cress.

Incredible vegan sanwich with our Seeds & Grains sourdough with spicy, roasted pepper spread and black olive tapenade by @your_happy_healthy_life 😍👌

And the classic by @freaobrien – our pumpkin seed bread toasted and spread generously with butter, with a milky cup of tea on the side. What more is needed?