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The famous Russian Borodinsky

Borodinsky Bread Karaway Bakery

Borodinsky bread (бородинский хлеб), the mother of all rye breads, was first mentioned in Russia in 1920. It is a traditional rye sourdough rich both in history and flavour.

There are several theories as to the loaf’s origins. One legend ties it to the Battle of Borodino in 1812. A widow of a general that perished in the battle established a convent in its battlefield, where the recipe was developed and served at mourning events (note the dark colour of its crust). Another tale tells the story of a food trailer, carrying rye flour and aromatic seeds, being blasted in the battle, with locals recovering the mixed remaining ingredients and using them in bread baking together for the first time.

Battle of Borodino

'Battle of Borodino' by Louis-François Lejeune

One thing is for sure, its longevity and popularity is a testament to its incredible flavour. Made entirely from natural ingredients and using a sourdough starter, it is baked using rye flour, molasses (for colour and sweeter, deep flavour) and coriander seeds (seen sprinkled on the top). It’s a deeply fragrant, indulgent loaf. We challenge you to try it and not fall in love!

Borodinsky toast serving suggestion, featuring seasonal chanterelle mushrooms, by @foodmilija

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