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Rye Fries

Rye Fries


A delicious rye snack! Thin strips of fried rye bread, sprinkled with crushed garlic and salt. An innovative bread snack that goes well with beer, can be used as croutons in soup or salad, or with your favourite dip.


    Mixed Rye Bread Croutons [Rye flour, Wheat flour, Water, Sugar, Salt, Fresh yeast, Caraway seeds, Sunflower seeds, Rye malt powder [roasted rye grains] (Gluten), Malt extract [roasted rye malt, barley malt, water] (Gluten), Vegetable Oil (non hydrogenated), Salt, Dried Garlic Granules.


    For Allergens: including cereals containing gluten see ingredients in bold. (Factory handles: gluten, milk, egg, nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, molluscs)


    SHELF LIFE: 30


    Come in packs of 200g. 


    For every 100g: 


    Energy, kcal: 235.7
    Fat, g: 2.5
    Satureted fat, g: 0.2
    Carbodydrates, g: 48.9
    Sugars, g: 6.2
    Proteins, g: 6.4
    Salt, g: 1.55

    Minimum orders of £20.00 apply. Standard UK deliveries are charged at £6.00


    Monday – Friday:

    Please expect orders made before 11am to be delivered in 3 working days.

    Orders made after 11am will be delivered in 4 working days.  



    Please expect orders made on the weekend to be delivered the following Thursday. 

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