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Citation Index of Scientific Articles

The Citation Index of scientific articles is an indicator that every undergraduate, master's or graduate student who wants to build an academic career should be familiar with. Statistical data is often used in assessing the quality of scientific papers and dissertations. The citation index is the most important indicator in paytowritepaper series. Let's figure out what it is, find out the history of the citation index and understand why it is needed in principle.

Citation index of scientific articles - CI - what is it?

The citation index of scientific articles - CI - is a kind of database. It is used to analyze various scientific publications.! This includes abstracts, articles, monographs, most of which, of course, are candidate and doctoral dissertations. So, in every decent scientific work, you can find a huge number of references to other authors. Remember, if the links are not placed, the work will be recognized as plagiarism. It is clear that in different fields of knowledge there are some kind of "leaders" in terms of citation.

Political scientists necessarily quote Hegel, for example. Physics - Landau, Newton and Einstein! Not always exclusively scientific "mastodons" are quoted. Often scholars also refer to contemporary authors. The citation indexing system tracks and calculates which authors get cited the most! On this basis, we can draw conclusions - which of the authors is more popular, in other words - more authoritative - than the rest!

Citation index of scientific articles history

The citation index is not a new phenomenon! It first appeared in the 19th century - in 1837. Initially, the citation index was used only to evaluate legal references. Subsequently, scientists realized that such a tool could also be used in the social sciences! Then the citation index began to be calculated in areas related to art.

In addition, citation indices are national - they "calculate" the most famous and authoritative sources in a particular country. If in Europe and America the history of citation indices goes back centuries, its own index appeared only in 2005. It was created in the scientific electronic library.

There is also an alternative to the citation index. The first is an expert assessment, in this case, experts draw a conclusion about the significance of a particular author or his work. The second variant of the analysis is the impact factor analysis. The impact factor is an indicator of the Institute for Scientific Information, which analyzes scientific journals and draws conclusions about their significance.

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