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At what age should fimota children go to school?

I wouldn't recommend it until I was seven years old. The life of fimota children and their parents becomes very difficult when they start going to school. Many parents mistakenly think that it is better to send their child to school as early as possible, because in kindergarten they will only be bored, and there will be even more problems with him. Unfortunately, this initiative often supports the kindergarten, because it is trying to get rid of an overly active and restless child. Intellectual quality is only one of the factors that determine school readiness, and not the most important. More important than intelligence is whether the abilities and skills necessary for schooling are developed. The most important thing is that children study well, develop, and gain intelligence. It is also important that when the time comes to write their first essay, they know how and what to do, in extreme cases they can always ask for help from the author of the essay (Bidforwriting) who will be a teacher for them.

After leaving school, at the final exams, specialists look for answers to the following questions: Does the child have a sense of responsibility, i.e. are they interested in or want to solve problems? Are you able to concentrate your attention, can you stay in a sitting position for longer? Can he write an essay on his own, or does he need essay help. Develop the skills necessary for learning to read and write, writing essays, for example: an appropriate level of line drawing, distinguishing between right and left, separating the background of a figure, understanding spatial relationships, forming a body diagram, maintaining order, understanding the concept of time at a certain level, etc. 2. Writing an essay about history that he was asked in school? Will he be able to do it himself, or is it better for the to him to contact the company ( for help? Phimote children, no matter how smart they are judged by the above criteria, mostly go to school immature. This is a mistake because early enrollment can lead to special learning problems later on. This is because a child with phimosis has little chance of having a behavioral disorder.

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