Traditional Cakes


Celebrate with Karaway! Baked & decorated by hand, using traditional recipes and only natural quality ingredients - our cakes are sure to delight your loved ones and make a stunning addition to your festive table.

Available at Borough Market and our Farmers Markets and at our Westfield Stratford shop, however to avoid disappointment we strongly advise to pre-order by calling us at 020 8517 7707 or emailing us at

Christmas designs available for collection from 14th December!

Christmas Cakes

Other Cakes

Napoleon Cake

A Russian version of the ever-popular Mille Feuille. Thin layers of puff pastry alternating with a delicate custard crème. One of our most popular cakes!

Decorated: £28

Undecorated: £19

Honey & Walnut Cake

A rich in flavour, yet light and delicate in texture honey cake infused with walnuts and spiced with fragrant clove and cinnamon. A Great Taste Award winner, a finalist in Cake Awards and our customers' absolute favourite! You just have to try it for yourself!

Decorated: £28

Undecorated: £21

King's Cake

This chocolate cake is surprisingly light and not too overpowering. It has a well-balanced combination of chocolate sponges and milk chocolate cream with the additional twist of almond paste and crispies in the middle.

Decorated: £28

Undecorated: £21

Honey & Chocolate Cake

This cake is made of thin layers of honey & chocolate sponge, alternating with light crème fraiche. Simple but beautiful cake wiht the distinctive delicious aroma of honey.


Dark Chocolate Cheesecake

This irresistible dessert is made of two layers of dark chocolate brownie filled iht a thick layer of delicate curd cheese. 


Apple Pie​

A delicious light cake filled with pieces of fresh apple and topped with almonds.


Cherry Cheesecake

A distinctive cheesecake, bursting with cherries, made using curd cheese and delicate sponge pastry as a base.


Peach Cheesecake

A light cheesecake made with pieces of peach, curd cheese and a delicate sponge as a base.


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