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2023 Great Taste Awards

Wow. We’re beyond proud to have had 8 of our products awarded a total of 12 stars at this year’s Great Taste Awards. Two of our bakes - Namine Bread and the Honey & Walnut Cake – were given the coveted 3 stars (awarded to only 1.8% of entries). A big thank you to the Guild of Fine Foods for recognising the work and care that goes into our baking. What an honour! A couple of highlights from the judges’ comments:

On the Honey & Walnut Cake ★★★ “A delicately light cake that perfectly balances honey, walnut and crème fraîche. There are even, thin layers of melt-in-the-mouth delicious sponge. We ate huge slices and we wanted more!”

On Namine Bread ★★★ “This is an impressive-looking loaf, deep and rich in colour, with added decoration from the caraway seeds. The aroma of caraway is appealing and the bread itself has the trademark denseness of rye bread yet is still light and airy. The crust has a great chew and slight crunch, enhance by the caraway seeds. The flavour is rich, malty and warming and slightly herbaceous – also from the caraway seeds. A great-tasting load that delivered on flavour and was incredibly moreish.”

The products that were awarded this year: Namine Bread ★★★ Honey & Walnut Cake ★★★ Light Rye Sourdough ★★ 100% Rye with Grains Sourdough ★ Dark Rye with Sunflower Seeds ★ Carrot & Caraway Muffin (developed from a recipe by Alissa Timoshkina from her cookbook 'Salt & Time' ★ Rye & Spelt Banana Muffin ★

Discover our award-winners at our locations or at our online shop:


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