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Namine Bread

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

The recipe for Namine (which means “home-made”) bread is steeped in the age-old tradition of baking large loaves in wood-fired ovens in Lithuania. It has been a part of our company since the beginning, incorporating time-tested baking methods and traditional ingredients common to the Baltic region. The end product boasts a beautifully mellow flavour and a texture that’s soft for rye yet sturdy enough to stand its ground. Namine is a result of a lot of manual labour, time, and care. We were honoured to see it acknowledged in the 2023 Great Taste Awards, where it received a top-ranking three stars.

Why So Big?

Weighing nearly 4kg, Namine is four times heavier than a typical rye loaf. Still, with traditional family-sized loaves reaching up to 10kg, it’s on the smaller end of the scale. There are benefits to baking a loaf of this size, beyond just feeding more people or serving multiple occasions. The extended time needed for the dough to ferment and rise allows the flavour and aroma to fully develop. Furthermore, the bread retains its moisture and stays fresh longer (if stored correctly, it can be eaten up to two weeks after baking). In sticking to tradition, we recommend buying a whole loaf and sharing it with family, friends, or neighbours. If any leftovers remain, they freeze very well too. Pro tip: cut it into slices before freezing and pop them straight into the toaster for breakfast.

Time a Key Ingredient

Baking this bread is a slow process. The dough takes up to 6 hours to rise (fun fact – the mother dough itself is 11 years old!). Due to its size and the lower baking temperature, it also requires a longer baking time. This ensures even baking without burning, creating its distinctive thick crust. Once it’s out of the oven, the loaf was traditionally left to rest for up to a day, allowing its flavour and rich aroma to further develop.

A Rich Profile

The finished loaf has a balanced sweet-and-sour profile, with the mix of rye, wheat and barley malt, and a hint of caraway seeds adding layers of complexity. The crumb is surprisingly light and moist. The aroma is rich and wonderful! Namine holds a special place in our bakery and in our homes. We hope it finds a special place in yours as well!

"An impressive-looking, richly coloured loaf, covered in caraway seeds. The flavour is gently sweet and not too intense, the texture is soft and even. We couldn't think of a single way to improve this loaf. Truly brilliant baking."

One of the judges' comments from the 2023 Great Taste Awards


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