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Discover our 2022 Great Taste Award winners!

A proud year for rye baking

We're so proud and thankful to have had our bakes awarded at the Great Taste Awards! This year a total of 10 products were awarded 12 stars! An amazing achievement, considering they were all for rye products, still seen as a specialty bake range by many (although we hope this will help our mission to make it a staple!) Each with a distinct flavour and texture, discover our rye winners at our London locations or at our online shop:

★★ Lithuanian Scalded Rye

★★ Borodinsky

★ Seeds & Grains Sourdough

★ Malted Rye with Seeds and Grains

★ Pumpernickel

★ Village Rye

★ Super Rye

★ Rye Thins with Seeds

★ Seeded Rye Crackers

★ Spiced Cranberry & Walnut Rye (available this winter)


Some of the judges' comments:

"...everything is in perfect balance." - on Lithuanian Scalded Rye

"The aroma was pleasingly like ginger and molasses. The coriander pepperiness is sharp but the use of it is so restrained and balanced out by the sweetness and the rye that we found the overall flavour super compelling..." - on Borodinsky

"This loaf is abundant with seeds inside and out. This bread has risen nicely, has a good crumb and great texture. The lactic tang of the sourdough is really delicious and complemented by the seeds. This is a great example of a seeded loaf." - on Seeds & Grains Sourdough.


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