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We stand together with Ukraine

Hello, my name is Nadia Gencas and I’m the founder of Karaway Bakery. Like most of the world, we’ve been absolutely shocked and heartbroken by the events in Ukraine. Many working here at Karaway have close ties to and a deep affection for the region and its people, some of our employees are from Ukraine and have families there. I myself have two grandparents originating from Ukraine. My grandmother served two terms as a Mayor of a town called Lida, close to the Lithuanian-Belarus border. She grew up in a German-occupied village in Ukraine, lived through the Second World War and has gone through a very tough childhood. She loved Ukraine, spoke perfect Ukrainian and taught me some when I was little. Also she had an amazing strong voice and used to sing beautiful songs in Ukrainian to me. She would have been absolutely appalled and devastated at what is happening today to her home country, and that devastation coming from the historically closest ally… Truly incomprehensible…

I think about her these days and I am, in a way, grateful that she does not see what is happening… She would have been absolutely heartbroken.

My grandfather, also from Ukraine, was a pilot and fought in the Second World War alongside Russian troops. His plane was hit by Germans and he was badly injured, however, he managed to barely escape with a parachute. What is happening today is a true betrayal of our grandparents and the sacrifices they have made to accomplish peace and freedom…

Please share your support, and if you can, please donate to charities helping Ukraine in this time of crisis (a couple listed below). We have donated 10% of our profits from March to the Ukrainian Red Cross. We stand together with Ukraine.


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