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2021 Great Taste Awards: A Great Year for Rye Bread

We’re very excited and very proud to share the news that 11 of our products have been awarded at the Great Taste Awards, earning a total of 17 stars! Amongst the winners are our Fruity Rye and Honey & Walnut Cake, which have earned the coveted, highest award of 3 stars, an accolade awarded to only a few products in the UK. We were also thrilled to find out that our Carrot, Rye & Caraway Cake, developed in partnership with Alissa Timoshkina from a recipe in her book ‘Salt & Time’ with a Karaway twist, was awarded a star (coming to our shops and markets soon!). This will be the 9th year we're entering the Great Taste Awards and we're proud to say that, combined, we've earned more stars than any other UK bakery!

A couple of the judges’ comments that gave us butterflies:

“Outstanding bread with treacle and anise aroma. The moisture levels were perfect and the resulting taste full of ripe fruit and anise. It could not be improved on.”

- on our Fruity Rye

“What a cake. From the initial impression of its beautiful presentation with the honeycomb pattern on top to the defined layers inside, we were so impressed. The rich honey flavour just got better and better and the crème fraiche had just the right tinge of acidity to prevent it becoming too sweet. The walnuts offered the ideal crunch against the super soft sponge. We ate every scrap of our sample and would happily go back for more.”

- on our Honey & Walnut Cake

We welcome you to discover our Great Taste Winner at our online shop!

If you would like to book a collection of our Honey & Walnut Cake please reach out to us directly.


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